Author: Michelle Ballestrasse


Michelle Ballestrasse is a Silicon Valley native, freelance writer, editor, and illustrator, and self-professed coffee aficionado. Her freelance career has extended from the US to the UK, covering every topic from music to car parts to coffee trivia. When she's not playing Sudoku to regain focus, you can find her winding down with a nice, relaxing round of Overwatch.

This tutorial is devoted to the pSX emulator for Windows, which works to its maximum capacity right out of the box. It is the best tool for those gamers who do not want to bother themselves with the plug-in system of ePSXe. You will learn how to play your favorite games via the CD-ROM or via playstation roms. It is a pretty efficient and straightforward PlayStation 1 emulator. If you have a slow or old computer, this is the emulator you need. BIOS setup If you want to boot PlayStation games, you will require the PlayStation BIOS. You have to…

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